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Small animal courses

Small animal courses

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A Practical Approach to Diagnosis and Management of Difficult Canine Endocrine Cases

This course will cover the approach to those problematic canine endocrine cases that we are all plagued by.  In particular these are the dogs that exhibit clinical features suggesting endocrinopathy but diagnostic testing has failed to lead to a clear diagnosis.

The interactive case-based format will provide a problem-oriented approach enabling the differentials to be systemically  investigated and a diagnosis to be reached.  The management options for these cases will also be discussed in the light of the cascade.  The course will have  a particular emphasis on the approach and management of these cases in general practice.  We will work through 3 cases based on adrenocortical hyperfunction, atypical thyroid disease and the complex diabetic.


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A Practical Approach to diagnosis and management of difficult canine endocrine cases (10% online booking discount)
27/11/201727/11/2017£265.50[Read More]
A Practical Approach to diagnosis and management of difficult canine endocrine cases (20% Alumni/Clinical Associate discount)
27/11/201727/11/2017£236.00[Read More]
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Dos and Don'ts of Chemotherapy in Practice: a Practical Course

This practical lecture based course is meant to offer a guide to the safe handling of chemotherapy in veterinary practice. The course will cover general principles of the use of chemotherapy and describe the chemotherapy drugs and protocols most commonly used to treat cancer patients in general practice. The delegates will learn step-by-step the correct technique for the safe preparation and administration of chemotherapy drugs in order to avoid or minimise adverse effects and achieve the best outcome in terms of survival and quality of life. A full lecture will be dedicated to the very important topic of health and safety of handling cytotoxic drugs in veterinary practice.

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Dos and Don'ts of Chemotherapy in Practice: a Practical Course (20% Alumni/Clinical Associate Discount)
08/11/201708/11/2017£236.00[Read More]
Dos and Don’ts of Chemotherapy in Practice: a Practical Course (10% online booking discount)
08/11/201708/11/2017£265.50[Read More]
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Introduction to Small Animal Ultrasound

This highly interactive and practical one-day course will focus on how to get the most out of ultrasound machines, and how to image the major abdominal organs and the heart.  Presentations on each body system will consider imaging techniques, normal findings and a brief overview of common pathological changes.  These are followed by practical scanning sessions supported by experienced tutors.   Delegates will have the chance to use a range of ultrasound machines and get plenty of opportunity to practice their technique on live dogs.


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Introduction to Small Animal Ultrasound (10% online discount)
15/11/201715/11/2017£535.50[Read More]
Introduction to Small Animal Ultrasound (20% Alumni/Clinical associate discount)
15/11/201715/11/2017£476.00[Read More]
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Managing Gastrointestinal Disease in the Dog and Cat - What's New?

This interactive case-based course, will review the current understanding of the commonly encountered GI diseases in dogs and cats and link this to the evidence behind the most appropriate treatments for each condition. The course is particularly aimed at primary care practitioners with an interest in small animal medicine and focus on the approach to such cases, including identifying the salient problems, formulate differential diagnosis lists and develop diagnostic plans. An important aspect of the day will be to discuss treatment strategies that can be achieved without referral. This course will use state of the art anonymous voting software to get everyone involved in decision making – a key learning objective for the course.

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Managing Gastrointestinal Disease in the Dog and Cat - What's New? (10% online booking discount)
04/12/201704/12/2017£265.50[Read More]
Managing Gastrointestinal Disease in the Dog and Cat - What's New? (20% Alumni/Clinical Associate Discount)
04/12/201704/12/2017£236.00[Read More]
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Practical Small Animal Echocardiography - an Introduction

This practical one day course will focus on the generation and interpretation of basic cardiac ultrasound images in the dog. The course will provide an overview of the equipment and facilities needed and cover the techniques used in the generation and interpretation of right parasternal long and short axis echocardiographic images.  The delegates will enjoy the oppoertunity to carry our echocardiography in the School of Veterinary Medicine and Science's teaching laboratory with a significant proportion of the time dedicated to "hands-on" echo.


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Practical Small Animal Echocardiography - an Introduction (10% online booking discount)
11/10/201711/10/2017£535.50[Read More]
Practical Small Animal Echocardiography - an Introduction (20% Alumni/Clinical Associate Discount)
11/10/201711/10/2017£476.00[Read More]
School Entrance

Small Animal Neurology: A Practical Approach for the Small Animal Clinician

The aim of this one day course is to present a systematic approach to small animal neurology and will cover how to approach the small animal neurological case logically in first opinion practice to achieve the best outcome. The course will build from a basic neurological examination with practical hints and application through a series of scenario  based sessions to assist in producing lesion localisation and differential diagnoses

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Small Animal Neurology: A Practical Approach for the Small Animal Clinician (10% online booking discount)
18/10/201718/10/2017£535.50[Read More]
Small Animal Neurology: Demystifying the Common Neurological Problems in Small Animal Practice (20% Alumni/Clinical Associate discount)
18/10/201718/10/2017£476.00[Read More]
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Understanding Clinical Audit

Clinical Audit, where veterinary surgeons review their practice against standards and identify solutions, is now recognised as an effective mechanism for improving the quality of patient care.  Audit is essential to provide a structure to reflect and change.  This course will enable the practitioner to understand clinical audit and appreciate the important role of audit in veterinary practice as outlined by the RCVS as well as improve the health of patients by addressing the causes of sub-optimal outcomes in patient care.  The course includes one hour pre-course and two hour post-course assignments, making a total of 10 hours CPD and includes lectures and workshops.  This course is open to all practising veterinary surgeons and practice managers.

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Understanding Clinical Audit (10% online booking discount)
21/11/201721/11/2017£265.50[Read More]
Understanding Clinical Audit (20% Alumni/Clinical Associate discount)
21/11/201721/11/2017£236.00[Read More]

Using an evidence-based approach in your practice

Make the most of this fantastic opportunity to understand what evidence-based veterinary medicine is, how you can achieve it practically, and apply it across all aspects of your work. This training has 3 distinct components and will be delivered through a flexible mixture of online tutorials, distance learning and in person workshops with excellent guidance and support provided throughout.  You also get free online access to the library at Nottingham for the duration of the course.

The three components of the course are:

  1. What is evidence-based veterinary medicine and why is it important?
  2. How do I find and appraise the evidence?
  3. How do I successfully apply the evidence-based veterinary medicine approach to my practice?
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Using an evidence-based approach in your practice (vet surgeons - 10% online booking discount)
08/01/201818/04/201814£699.00[Read More]
Using an evidence-based approach in your practice (vet nurses - 10% online booking discount)
08/01/201818/04/201814£399.00[Read More]

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