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In collaboration with the academic research team at the University of Nottingham, PRIMIS has developed a FAMCAT2 tool for implementation in EMIS practices. The tool comprises a set of EMIS web searches, which are run on the GP clinical system and imported into the FAMCAT2 Display Tool.


Detailed Description

As well as supporting GP practices to identify patients most likely to have FH, the tool has the following added benefits: 

  • provides a prevalence rate for FH within the practice population compared with the expected rate; 

  • identifies patients who would be above the higher risk threshold if their family history of CHD was positive and in whom it would be advisable to take or check family history of CHD; 

  • facilitates the use of other FH case finding approaches, including the NICE screening threshold, Simon-Broome, and Dutch Lipid Clinical Network (DLCN); 

  • identifies patients with an existing diagnosis of FH who do not have evidence of meeting the NICE highest risk criteria and in whom it would be advisable to check the FH diagnosis;

  • identifies patients with an existing diagnosis of FH where there are opportunities to review their lipid lowering treatment.   

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