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Nespresso Coffee Capsules Voucher (x10 capsules)

Coffee Pods



A voucher that allows you to collect 10 Nespresso capsules of any kind from reception, to be used in the Nespresso machine in the Maths common room. They don't all have to be the same type! Click for more details.


Detailed Description

Please ONLY use capsules bought from the store in the common room coffee machine! Ordinary capsules bought from the supermarket are not compatible, and any attempt to use them will breach our contract with Nespresso. So, please buy them from us, unless you want to be liable for several thousand pounds! We have very limited stock this month, but we will order higher amounts of capsules that are most popular, in future.

Capsules Available (with pretentious descriptions copied from the Nespresso brochure):

Ristretto: Everyman's classic. Full bodied and persistent. (That's also what I put on my Tinder profile.) Intensity: 9

Ristretto Intenso: Courting Intensity. Intense and syrupy. (Haven't we all had a regrettable date that ended this way?) Intensity: 12

Decaffeinato: Delightful Desire. Dense and powerful. (This is what I'm planning to put on my Tinder profile in 30 years time when I own a mansion and eight different silk dressing gowns.) Intensity: 7

Finezzo: Flowery. (That was it. Just one word. The copywriter was probably hungover that day, prompted by the stress of having to come up with these product descriptions.) Intensity: 5

Intenso: Intense roasted. (Hungover again. Perhaps this is an undergraduate copywriting intern?) Intensity: 8

Forte: Intense Equilibrium. Round and balanced. (This is how I feel after a good Christmas dinner and an After Eight.) Intensity: 7

Leggero: Secret Depths. Light and refreshing. (I once had a coffee with secret depths. When I had nearly finished it, I discovered a big spider had fallen into the bottom of the mug.) Intensity: 6

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